How do I create a Quick report from scratch?


To create a new Quick report from scratch, click the Quick Report button in the Infront ribbon. This will open the Quick report wizard.



Company universe

In the first step of the wizard, define your company universe selecting either individual companies, or a personal list (My Lists), or the constituents of a market index.



You can mix selections from each type. Click Next when your company universe is defined.


Data items

In the second step of the wizard, choose your data items by selecting them from the Most Popular item list or by searching for other items by name or by category. You can save the items list for further reuse in another Quick Report under My Templates.



Click Add Selected Items to confirm your selection, and click Next when all your items are selected.


Output options

In the third step of the wizard, select your output options such as currency, unit, or table format.



Click Generate to create your Quick report.