This feature enables you to calculate betas for 1, 2 or 5 years. Simply push through the data from the Quotes tab on the Web, or enter your Ef code in the calculator itself and click on refresh.

You also have betas for one year fiscal periods, eg. from 21/12/2002 to 21/12/2003 or from 21/12/2001 to 21/12/2002.
The yellow box on the right allows you to calculate a beta over a period of weeks of your choosing. Type in the number of weeks you require, then click on Refresh.

  Country Indices
Also called Holding Period Return (HPR)

The return a shareholder receives over a period of time.

  Calculation rule
((Share price at end of period- Share price at beginning of period) + Dividends paid during the period)/Share price at beginning of period

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