Company Search
Company search allows you to search by company name ISIN, SICOVAM, Infinancials company codes, and acronym. Several search algorithms are used together, including exact match, word wrap, and phrase split. Stop words and common abbreviations (grp, hldg, corp ) receive special treatment to lower their effect on the results.

The result list will display EF Code, Company Name, ISIN, Country and activity information, as well as flag inactive companies.

  Guess Mode option
Guess Mode is designed to take you directly to the best match or principal company without having to choose from a complete result list.

For example, when Guess Mode is ENABLED, searching for "vodafone" will take you directly to the snapshot for Vodafone Group in the UK.

The same search with Guess Mode DISABLED will take you to a list of companies with the word "Vodafone" in the name, i.e.
Europolitan Vodafone
Vodafone De
Vodafone Group
Vodafone Libertel
Vodafone Panafon Sa
You are then invited to choose from the result list.

Guess mode is enabled by default. To disable Guess Mode, simply untick the box.

Use Guess Mode when you are confident of a company name. Disable Guess Mode when you want a full detailed name search each time.

Reduce your search criteria to get a wider set of results, e.g. a search for "vodaf" will return the complete list of companies with "vodaf" in the name whether in guess mode or not.

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